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  • Question 3

    Free and clear

    Your answer:

    Very wild

    Correct answer:

    Owning something fully with no money owed or other restrictions on the item or property

  • Question 4

    Cash in one's chips

    Your answer:

    To threaten someone

    Correct answer:

    To take one's gambling chips to a teller in a casino for money, to sell something for a profit

  • Question 8

    A Mecca for (someone or something)

    Your answer:

    To fail, to stop

    Correct answer:

    A place that is frequently visited by a particular group of people because it is important to them for some reason (from the city of Mecca which is the religious center of Islam)

  • Question 10

    Heart goes out to (someone)

    Your answer:

    To be ready to fight; to be furious

    Correct answer:

    To feel great sympathy for someone

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