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Intermediate level arrow right Idioms & Phrases


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  • Question 3

    Half a five (with someone)

    Your answer:

    To do something impulsively without thinking about the consequences

    Correct answer:

    To clap right hand with another person to express a success or joy

  • Question 7

    Gray matter

    Your answer:

    To be careless;

    Correct answer:

    Brains, intelligence

  • Question 9

    Louse up

    Your answer:

    Said to invite someone to have a quick informal/unceremonious meal

    Correct answer:

    To make a mess of something, to spoil something

  • Question 10

    To be as happy as a sandboy

    Your answer:

    To take someone's tooth out (usually done by a dentist)

    Correct answer:

    Be joyful and merry (almost as if drunk)

  • Question 13

    Get a frog in one's throat

    Your answer:

    A town dominated by one industry or company

    Correct answer:

    To get soreness in your throat that prevents you from talking well

  • Question 14

    Keep an eye on (someone or something)

    Your answer:

    To use or spend something and still keep it, to have something both ways

    Correct answer:

    To watch someone or something carefully, to take care of someone or something

  • Question 15

    Chilled to the bone

    Your answer:

    Something as it is meant to be and not as it is stated exactly, what the people who made the law wanted to achieve

    Correct answer:

    Very cold

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