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  • Question 2

    Turnover (of products)

    Your answer:

    To take decisive action; be determined to handle a difficult situation

    Correct answer:

    The rate at which a product is sold and replaced

  • Question 3

    Lie through one's teeth

    Your answer:

    To be kind or gentle with someone or something

    Correct answer:

    To lie in a bold manner

  • Question 5

    Go over (someone's) head

    Your answer:

    To support someone or something that cannot or does not win or succeed

    Correct answer:

    To be too difficult for someone to understand

  • Question 6

    One's tail between one`s legs

    Your answer:

    To treat someone very gently and carefully because you do not want to upset him or her

    Correct answer:

    Feeling beaten or humiliated (like a frightened or defeated dog as it walks away)

  • Question 7

    Teacher's pet

    Your answer:

    Not genuine; fake

    Correct answer:

    The teacher's favorite student

  • Question 8

    Until hell freezes over

    Your answer:

    A constant bother or annoyance to someone

    Correct answer:


  • Question 9

    Make a cold call

    Your answer:

    Fail completely; to fail to generate a positive response

    Correct answer:

    To visit or telephone a potential but unknown customer from a list of people

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