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Intermediate level arrow right Idioms & Phrases


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  • Question 1

    Penalty clause

    Your answer:

    To make a mistake or a stupid decision that makes a situation worse

    Correct answer:

    A section in a contract specifing an amount of money to be paid if the contract is not fulfilled

  • Question 4

    Too many cooks spoil the broth/stew

    Your answer:

    To have control of something or responsibility for something, to possess something

    Correct answer:

    Too many people trying to do something will cause problems

  • Question 8

    Fall head over heels

    Your answer:

    To be attracted by some kind of bait (just as a fish is attracted to bait)

    Correct answer:

    To fall down (and maybe roll over)

  • Question 9

    A tin ear for (something)

    Your answer:

    To try to do something that you have recently learned or become qualified to do

    Correct answer:

    The inability to judge the value of music, an insensitivity to music

  • Question 11

    One's tail between one`s legs

    Your answer:

    To worry about someone or something

    Correct answer:

    Feeling beaten or humiliated (like a frightened or defeated dog as it walks away)

  • Question 12

    Bottom line

    Your answer:

    To be stingy with money

    Correct answer:

    The total, the final figure on a balance sheet, the results (of a business)

  • Question 13

    Ballpark estimate/figure

    Your answer:

    A system of punishment where you punish someone in a similar way to how they hurt you

    Correct answer:


  • Question 14

    (someone's) death-warrant is out

    Your answer:

    Wasting time by doing something that can't be done; attempting something each time with no success

    Correct answer:

    A form of punishment for offences which do not demand dismissal but demand transferring to another division

  • Question 15

    Jump out of one`s skin

    Your answer:

    From the top of one's head to one's feet

    Correct answer:

    To be badly frightened, to be very surprised

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