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  • Question 4

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

    Your answer:

    Dead, no longer in existence

    Correct answer:

    Having less but certain is better than more and not certain
    something that is certain is better than something that is not certain

  • Question 5

    In defiance of (someone or something)

    Your answer:

    To have one's hands and feet tied up

    Correct answer:

    In resistence to someone or someone's orders

  • Question 6

    Hang by a hair

    Your answer:

    To study one`s reasons and acts, to try to discover if one has been fair and honest about something

    Correct answer:

    To depend on a small thing, to be at risk or in doubt

  • Question 7

    On credit

    Your answer:

    Blind, can be used with physical or mental description of the state of vision (note that in reality bats are not blind)

    Correct answer:

    Without paying cash

  • Question 8

    Clam up

    Your answer:

    To be annoyed

    Correct answer:

    To close one's mouth, to shut up

  • Question 10

    Shuffle the cards/deck

    Your answer:


    Correct answer:

    To change policy

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