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Intermediate level arrow right Idioms & Phrases


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  • Question 1

    Let sleeping dogs lie

    Your answer:

    To say or do something that could harm you or your image

    Correct answer:

    Do not allow or do not start the trouble if you can avoid it

  • Question 2

    Cease and desist

    Your answer:

    To chat or talk informally with one's friends

    Correct answer:

    A legal phrase which means to stop doing something and not start again often used in the form of a cease and desist order

  • Question 3

    Out to lunch

    Your answer:

    To have a mind that thinks only about one thing

    Correct answer:

    To be crazy, to be uninformed

  • Question 4

    Binge and purge

    Your answer:

    To not be faithful or loyal to one's word or an agreement

    Correct answer:

    To overeat and then to vomit

  • Question 5

    Out for the count

    Your answer:

    To guess or anticipate what will happen by observing small hints and clues

    Correct answer:

    Defeated, unconscious (in boxing a boxer who is on the ground must get up before the count of ten or he will lose the boxing match)

  • Question 6

    Take (someone or something) in hand

    Your answer:

    To be thinking of something or many things at the same time

    Correct answer:

    To take control of a situation and improve it or deal with it

  • Question 9

    Step up to the plate

    Your answer:

    Low class, badly mannered

    Correct answer:

    To accept a challenge, to prepare to do a task, to move near homeplate in baseball in order to prepare to hit the ball when it is thrown/pitched

  • Question 10

    Have one's nose in the air

    Your answer:

    A decision has not been reached on someone or something (used often and in a casual manner when one has not made a decision about something)

    Correct answer:

    To be conceited or aloof

  • Question 11


    Your answer:

    To have a feeling of fear or anxiety in one's stomach

    Correct answer:

    To be wide-eyed with surprise

  • Question 12

    Pass the torch/baton to (someone)

    Your answer:

    Abandoned by luck;

    Correct answer:

    To hand over a particular duty or responsibility to someone (a baton or torch is passed from one runner to the next in a relay race)

  • Question 13

    Go into (something) with one's eyes closed/shut

    Your answer:

    To damage someone's plans, to damage or ruin someone

    Correct answer:

    To do something or make a choice about something not knowing the problems that are involved and not having all of the necessary information

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