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  • Question 2

    Serve as a guinea pig

    Your answer:

    To deprecate relatively straitened circumstances, especially of oneself as compared to someone else

    Correct answer:

    To allow some kind of test to be performed on someone

  • Question 7

    Long arm of the law

    Your answer:

    To save or postpone something for another time

    Correct answer:

    The police and laws that are so powerful that no matter where you are you will be found and punished

  • Question 9

    Put the finger on (someone)

    Your answer:

    To refuse to be responsible for something, to withdraw from something, to stop one's association with someone

    Correct answer:

    To accuse someone of doing something, to identify someone as the one who did something

  • Question 10

    Like the cut of (someone's) jib

    Your answer:

    Any damage or mistake should be corrected immediately in order to prevent it from becoming worse

    Correct answer:

    To like someone (a jib is a type of sail that is found on some sailboats)

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