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  • Question 4

    Soup up (something)

    Your answer:

    To survive with little income; to manage with little money

    Correct answer:

    To make something faster or more powerful by changing or adding something (this expression is often used for a car)

  • Question 10

    Get the devil

    Your answer:

    The appropriate but chance reward or punishment by someone who deserves it

    Correct answer:

    To receive a severe scolding

  • Question 11

    Abide by a decision

    Your answer:

    To mention someone's name and then have that person appear

    Correct answer:

    To follow the orders that a court or judge has given

  • Question 12

    Pay through the nose for (something)

    Your answer:

    A share in the activity or the profits of something

    Correct answer:

    To pay too much for something

  • Question 14


    Your answer:

    To receive punishment for something

    Correct answer:

    Worthless; nonsense

  • Question 15

    Turn one`s back on (someone or something)

    Your answer:

    To be more important than someone or something, to have the right to come before someone or something else

    Correct answer:

    To refuse to help someone who is in trouble or need

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