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  • Question 3

    Dog and pony show

    Your answer:

    To treat someone to an expensive meal, to entertain someone in a lavish manner

    Correct answer:

    Something that you disapprove of because you think that it has only been organized to impress you (like a dog and pony show in a circus)

  • Question 5

    To be a Jekyll and Hyde

    Your answer:

    To worsen already a bad situation by one's actions

    Correct answer:

    Being double faced; having to different sides of one's personality; having 'sweet' and 'dark' side of one's character

  • Question 8

    Feet of clay

    Your answer:

    To not succeed at something after trying very hard, to waste one's time trying to do something that is hopeless

    Correct answer:

    A hidden fault or weakness in a person who is considered to have none

  • Question 13

    Put hair on one's chest

    Your answer:

    To be reliable; to have a good opinion of being dependable; to perform well; to be trusted

    Correct answer:

    To be good for someone (something that you eat or drink)

  • Question 17

    With open arms

    Your answer:

    To make someone feel good, to make someone healthy

    Correct answer:

    Warmly, eagerly, happily

  • Question 19


    Your answer:

    To get an opportunity or good deal

    Correct answer:

    A very casual attitude, a worry-free or carefree attitude

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