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Intermediate level arrow right Idioms & Phrases


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  • Question 4

    Warts and all

    Your answer:

    To be angry

    Correct answer:

    Including all one's faults and disadvantages

  • Question 5

    Chew it finer

    Your answer:

    Rules and regulations that seem unnecessary (often from the government)

    Correct answer:

    Request to someone to use simpler words; use non obfuscating language; eliminate ambiguity

  • Question 6

    Green belt

    Your answer:

    To have a limited or no choice

    Correct answer:

    An area of fields and trees around a town

  • Question 13


    Your answer:

    To behave in an extremely determined way to get what you want (hardball and softball are from the game of baseball)

    Correct answer:

    To fight, argue or dispute with someone

  • Question 15

    Cut from the same cloth

    Your answer:

    Something likely to be untrue; a silly story that does not have the supporting facts; untrue story

    Correct answer:

    To share a lot of similarities

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