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  • Question 1

    To turn over

    Your answer:

    To fulfill the requirements for/of something

    Correct answer:

    A) to turn upside down; to flip;
    b) to pass a control to someone else

  • Question 9

    Go by the book

    Your answer:

    A court order to temporarily stop another court order or judgement this can be used for any kind of court order

    Correct answer:

    To follow the rules exactly

  • Question 10

    Cover one's back

    Your answer:

    An extra team chosen to enter a competition without taking part in the regular qualifying method

    Correct answer:

    To do something to protect yourself from criticism or future blame

  • Question 11

    Thumbs up on (someone or something)

    Your answer:

    To give someone permission to go ahead or proceed with something

    Correct answer:

    To be in favor of someone or something

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