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  • Question 3

    Comparative negligence

    Your answer:

    To be able to talk, to find the ability to talk after not being able to talk for a short time

    Correct answer:

    In a civil lawsuit where the fault (negligence) of the two parties is taken into account in assessing damages

  • Question 5

    Hundred and one

    Your answer:

    To have expenses equal to profits

    Correct answer:

    Very many

  • Question 6

    With bated breath

    Your answer:

    To have control of something or responsibility for something, to possess something

    Correct answer:

    Suspense or expectation; to wait anxiously for something

  • Question 9

    Out on bail

    Your answer:

    To be capable of having two opposite effects, to produce advantages and disadvantages

    Correct answer:

    Released from jail after you pay the bail bond money the bail bond is the money that you must pay to guarantee that you will appear in court

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