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  • Question 4

    Not (my/her/our etc) cup of tea

    Your answer:

    Either too much or not enough of something

    Correct answer:

    Someone is not good (does not enjoy or do well) at performing a specific task

  • Question 7

    Commercial law

    Your answer:

    To have a show of sorrow that is not sincere, to pretend that one is crying

    Correct answer:

    The area of law that governs business and commercial transactions

  • Question 9

    Swelled head

    Your answer:

    To cause someone emotional pain

    Correct answer:

    A feeling that one is very important or more important than one really is

  • Question 10

    Under the wings of (someone)

    Your answer:

    Someone's responsibility

    Correct answer:

    To be under the care or control or protection of someone

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