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Intermediate level arrow right Idioms & Phrases


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  • Question 2

    Go bananas

    Your answer:

    Unacceptable, outside of commonly agreed standards of decency or acceptable behavior

    Correct answer:

    To become highly excited, to behave in a crazy way

  • Question 4

    A head

    Your answer:

    The rate at which a product is sold and replaced

    Correct answer:

    For one person, for one individual (used for counting people or animals like cattle)

  • Question 11

    Dyed in the wool

    Your answer:

    In a serious situation, in trouble (a swimmer could be in trouble when he or she is in deep water)

    Correct answer:

    Something or someone inflexible, permanent; to have a fixed point of view and be unwilling to change it

  • Question 15

    Bell, book, and candle

    Your answer:

    To have an advantage over someone

    Correct answer:

    Symbols of witchcraft

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