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  • Question 1

    The death of what's dead is the birth of what's living.

    Your answer:

    Lou Brock

    Correct answer:

    Arlo Guthrie

  • Question 3

    Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.

    Your answer:

    Barry Cornwall

    Correct answer:

    Khalil Gibran

  • Question 4

    Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre.

    Your answer:

    Nelson Mandela

    Correct answer:

    Gail Godwin

  • Question 6

    Power is dangerous unless you have humility.

    Your answer:

    William James

    Correct answer:

    Richard J. Daley

  • Question 7

    Sooner or later, man has always had to decide whether he worships his own power or the power of God.

    Your answer:

    Bruce Feirstein

    Correct answer:

    Arnold J. Toynbee

  • Question 8

    Anyone who can walk to the welfare office can walk to work.

    Your answer:

    John D. Rockefeller

    Correct answer:

    Al Capp

  • Question 9

    While we are postponing, life speeds by.

    Your answer:

    Carolyn Heilbrun

    Correct answer:

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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