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Intermediate level arrow right Idioms & Phrases


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  • Question 1

    Deep-six (someone or something)

    Your answer:

    Anecdote about cats' abilities to survive falls from large heights which would most likely kill any other animal

    Correct answer:

    To get rid of or dispose of someone or something

  • Question 3

    Take the Fifth

    Your answer:

    To be taken by a surprise and stopped in actions

    Correct answer:

    To refuse to incriminate oneself because of the protection of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States (in the U.S. a witness at a trial has this right)

  • Question 7

    White sale

    Your answer:

    To act carefully or cautious; to be secretive

    Correct answer:

    The selling of towels or sheets at a reduced price

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