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Intermediate level arrow right Idioms & Phrases


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  • Question 2

    A stick in the mud

    Your answer:

    Not new or different, old-fashioned

    Correct answer:

    To keep one's opinions, believes, behaviour, habits for many years; to become unchanged for a long period of time

  • Question 3

    To be tarred with the same brush

    Your answer:

    Situation where any decision taken will have bad consequence

    Correct answer:

    To have the same weaknesses or faults as the rest of the group; to be give unfair treatment as the rest of the group to which one belongs

  • Question 6

    The hair of the dog that bit one

    Your answer:

    To formally agree with a proposal in a meeting

    Correct answer:

    A drink of alcohol that one takes when recovering from a hangover

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