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  • Question 1

    Cheese rolling

    Your answer:

    Something small that hinders the outcome of more important things; something that spoils the fun

    Correct answer:

    To play with the food; to fiddle with the food

  • Question 4

    Blood on the carpet

    Your answer:

    There are problems if I do something and problems if I do not do something

    Correct answer:

    Much trouble

  • Question 10

    Privy to (something)

    Your answer:

    To be involved in something, to have a role in something

    Correct answer:

    To have unique or special knowledge about something

  • Question 12

    Get one's feet wet

    Your answer:

    To weaken and be forced to give up

    Correct answer:

    To experience something for the first time, to get a little first-time experience with something

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