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  • Question 1

    Read the handwriting on the wall

    Your answer:

    Something that a child says shows that they understand more about a situation than you thought that they did

    Correct answer:

    To guess or anticipate what will happen by observing small hints and clues

  • Question 5

    On one`s heels

    Your answer:


    Correct answer:

    Close behind, as a constant follower or companion

  • Question 12

    Company man

    Your answer:

    To be in charge of something, to be responsible for something (from carrying the ball in American football)

    Correct answer:

    A person who always works hard for his company and supports the company policies

  • Question 14

    Have on (something)

    Your answer:

    To force someone to do or agree to something that they do not want or like

    Correct answer:

    To be wearing something

  • Question 19

    Do (something) like it is going out of fashion/style

    Your answer:

    To be brave or determined; to face trouble with courage

    Correct answer:

    To use/buy/eat much or too much of something

  • Question 20

    Loaded for bear

    Your answer:

    To feel great, to feel well and healthy

    Correct answer:

    Very angry

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