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Intermediate level arrow right Idioms & Phrases


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  • Question 3

    The straight and narrow

    Your answer:

    The constitutional barrier that prevents governments from establishing a state religion

    Correct answer:

    A straight and law-abiding route through life

  • Question 7

    A live dog is better than a dead lion

    Your answer:

    To make a successful beginning

    Correct answer:

    It is better to be a live coward than a dead hero (this is from Ecclesiastes in the Bible)

  • Question 10

    Gird up one's loins

    Your answer:

    There is not good communication in an organization so one part of the organization does not know what the other part is doing

    Correct answer:

    To get ready to do something that will be difficult

  • Question 14

    All over bar the shouting

    Your answer:

    To talk excessively

    Correct answer:

    To continue to argue about something that has been settled despite the result of the activity is already known

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