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  • Question 3

    To run the gauntlet

    Your answer:

    To be very sure of what one's opinions are and what you want to do

    Correct answer:

    To place oneself at risk of attack

  • Question 6

    Get (something) out in the open

    Your answer:

    To talk very much and very rapidly

    Correct answer:

    To stop hiding a fact or a secret

  • Question 8

    Let the grass grow under one`s feet

    Your answer:

    It is difficult for older people to learn new things

    Correct answer:

    To allow oneself to waste time; to be idle or lazy; to be careless

  • Question 10

    Beat a hasty retreat

    Your answer:

    If a problem or an argument involve two people then both people are responsible for the problem

    Correct answer:

    To abandon something and avoid consequences of one's actions; to escape and avoid responsibility

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