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  • Question 1

    Don sackcloth and ashes

    Your answer:

    An idea or something that is important to you and that you care about

    Correct answer:

    To behave in a way that shows that you are very sorry for something that you have done wrong in ancient Biblical times people wore very uncomfortable sackcloth (cloth for sacks) for mourning and also to repent for something that they did wrong

  • Question 8

    Set (something) on its ear

    Your answer:

    To deal with a problem successfully/ unsuccessfully;

    Correct answer:

    To cause a group or organization to be excited and interested in something

  • Question 9

    Hang by a hair

    Your answer:

    At an expected level or quality, at the usual level or quality (par in golf is the usual number of strokes needed to go around a golf course)

    Correct answer:

    To depend on a small thing, to be at risk or in doubt

  • Question 13

    Balls of one's feet

    Your answer:

    On someone's own self (often used with blame)

    Correct answer:

    The bottom of the feet just under the toes

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