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A group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words


Stir up a hornet's nest

Create trouble or difficulties; to interrupt and make someone angry

Dump (someone)

When one ends a relationship; to leave a partner

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A small group of words standing together as a conceptual unit, typically forming a component of a clause.


To queer one's pitch

To prevent one's success; to wish someone badly

To fiddle while room burns

To be busy with or distracted by smaller, trivial things while something else of a much greater impo

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Phrasal Verbs

phras•al verb

An idiomatic phrase consisting of a verb and another element, typically either an adverb, or a preposition


To be cut out for (something)

To have talent or a specific skill for something

To make up with (someone)

To resolve disagreement with someone

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A short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice


Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

Warning against trickery and deception (allusion to Homer's Iliad and the Trojan Horse)

Cowards may die many times before their death

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Repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker.


Pierre Corneille

A true king is neither husband nor father; he considers his throne and nothing else.

R. Lee Ermey

We had times in '66 and '67 when we would pick up a platoon of privates out of the receiving barra

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