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A group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words


Take heart

To be brave; to be encouraged

To have a card up one's sleeve

To hide something; to have a reserve plan; a secret advantage

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A small group of words standing together as a conceptual unit, typically forming a component of a clause.


The bitter end

An absolute end; final extreme

Don't push the panic button

Order someone to stay calm; don not panic unnecessarily

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Phrasal Verbs

phras•al verb

An idiomatic phrase consisting of a verb and another element, typically either an adverb, or a preposition


Gain ground

To make progress; to move forward

To be looking up

To work on improving something; to appear promising, enthusiastic or optimistic

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A short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice


All good things must come to an end

Things that give us pleasure will end sooner or later

It is the thought that counts

Good intentions are of a big value

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Repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker.


Adam Clarke

He who is completely sanctified, or cleansed from all sin, and dies in this state, is fit for glory.

Lawrence Welk

If you put all your strength and faith and vigor into a job and try to do the best you can, the mone

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